Quick trip to the Bahamas

DSCN2714 DSCN2718Shot over to the Bahamas on the 22 of September on a brand new 82′ Viking called the Morjana.  It was a quick trip to shake down this new rig and show the boss and crew the Bahamas and try out there new tackle.  Captain Aaron had me rig the boat up to fish a variety of ways.  The boss was very interested in the techniques used to catch fish in the Bahamas.  I prepared the boat to kite fish with live bait, high speed troll for wahoo, lure fish, bait fish with a dredge, and deep drop for snapper.  With plenty of Shimano reels and custom rods and gaffs we were ready for battle .  We left on Sunday morning from Palm Beach inlet to find beautiful calm seas.  Headed to Great Isaac light and then on to Nassau via the pocket.  We got into the marina around sun down and got things settled in.  I started getting final preparations done and made sure we were ready to fish. We had a meeting a decided that we would fish the pocket in the morning.  We started out seeing a free jumping sailfish in the middle of nowhere so we popped up the kite for a few min to see if we could snag a quick fish.  Gave it about thirty min and moved on without a bite.  We got to the pocket and fished a little area where we saw and marked bait just off the edge near Whale Cay.  I popped up the kites again and had a few great wahoo bites but didn’t get any to stick, even using stinger rigs.  We then moved over to trolling some lures to cover ground and find more bait to fish.  Fishing was slow and a storm was brewing on the horizon so we headed back to the dock for the evening.  Next day we fished Hole in the Wall, off of south Abaco.  Trolling was slow in the morning so we fished the reef and caught a few barracudas for deep drop bait and a few big bull sharks on light tackle.  Great fun!  pulled out the deep drop gear and did a few drops and caught a pile of deep water snappers.  Fishing in 800-1200 feet of water we caught silky and queen snappers and a few strange, small, green eyed, sharks.  The daily storm was brewing so we put out a few lures and started to head back to the dock. As we were trolling along the rain was getting worse and worse so we decided to pick up speed to get through it.  Just as we came up in speed we had a bite on the right corner rod, a 50 tiara.  It was a good pull on the drag so I thought it might be a good size wahoo or a small billfish.  After the boss had a brief fight we discovered we had foul hooked a small sailfish.  Success!  We caught the boats first billfish.  Took a few pictures with the little fella and returned him to the ocean to grow up and hopefully get caught agin.  After the excitement we figured we’d end on a high note and headed back to the dock.  The next day we got a late start to the fishing day and headed to Chub Cay for the night, stopping for a few min of trolling to no avail.  Stayed the night in Chub with only one other boat in the marina.  Woke up in the morning and headed back to Palm Beach.  It was a successful trip and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to the Owner and crew for a great trip.

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